VFW "Over There" Post 112

Veterans of Foreign Wars
"Over There" Post 112
Wichita, Kansas

Welcome to our website. VFW Post 112 was chartered on January 14th, 1920. We are the oldest post in Kansas and one of the oldest in the United States. We proudly display our trophy for having the world's largest membership from 1953 to 1955. We serve drinks on the original bar that was removed from the historic Eaton Hotel in downtown Wichita. 

We are a VFW Post rich in history with an eye on the future. Although we are involved in special events and activities throughout the year we are especially excited about our upcoming 100-year anniversary as we are currently planning many unique events and activities for our centennial celebration in the year 2020.

Our post meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Our canteen/bar opens at 4PM Tuesday/Friday and Sunday at 10AM. 
We are located at 1560 S. Topeka, Wichita KS. 67211. Our physical location is the northeast corner of Harry and Topeka streets. 

For more info call (316) 265-3255 , or email us at vfwpost112@gmail.com 
Click the following link to go to the National VFW Website

   World War II Memorial website                                    Korean War Memorial website                                 Vietnam War Memorial website

Purple Heart Website purpleheart.org

On January 14, 2020 we will celebrate our 100th anniversary and we are planning a grand event to commemorate this monumental milestone. 
VFW Post 112 will also have many celebratory events and activities during calendar year 2020. If you have ideas or suggestions please feel free to submit to us on the "Contact Information" form below. 

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                VFW Post 112 Officers
       Commander - Dan Fryman
       Sr. Vice-Cmdr. - Bob Hernandez
       Jr. Vice-Cmdr. - Bob Fitzthum
       Quartermaster - Open
       Chaplain - Grant Geihsler 
       Judge Advocate - Ron Floyd
       Surgeon - John Gibbs

      Please note: our new e-mail address is:

      Effective August 1, 2014, VFW Post 112 
      has been a non-smoking facility. If you 
      didn't like the environment of a smoking
      club, you can now come down and join 
      us in a smoke-free facility.
              Visit our facebook page at 
             "VFW Over There Post 112"

      Please note! We have made changes to
      our dining format. Until further notice
      all meals will be buffet style. The first
      Tuesday of each month is Fiesta Tuesday
      as it has been; the second Tuesday
      will be Italian Feed fundraiser night;
      the third Tuesday will be Pot Luck night,
      the fourth Tuesday will be determined.
      Fridays will be Pot Luck night. The
      Sunday Brunch will now be a Buffet Style
      for a nominal donation. We hope you will
      understand our new format and join us  
      as we move forward to help VFW Post             112 grow so we can continue to support         our Veteran community.

      Starting immediately, Commander                   Fryman will be in his office on Tuesdays         and Fridays from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. So if       you have questions about VFW Post 112,       want information about the VFW, pick up
      an application, please stop by. We would 
      enjoy visiting with you and answering
      your questions. If you can't stop by, call         us at 265-3255 and we will be happy to         speak with you. You may also reach us           via email at vfwpost112@gmail.com

      Please be aware that effective July 2017,       as voted on by membership, our monthly       Post meetings now begin at 6:30 PM.
Schedule of Events

Date               Time            Activity

Feb 6              8:00 AM       Post open for business.
                      5:30 PM       Fiesta Tuesday
                                         Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales, Chips
                                          & Salsa, Guacamole. Come down
                                          and support your Post while 
                                          enjoying delicious authentic food 
                                          for a nominal donation.

Feb 9              8:00 AM        Post open for business.
                      5:30 PM        Friday dinner-Fried Chicken

Feb 11            10:00 AM       Sunday Buffet - Scrambled eggs,
                                           bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash
                                           browns. All for nominal donation.
                                           Come down and join us and 
                                           support your Post.

Feb 13            8:00 AM        Post open for business.
                      5:30 PM        Mississippi Pot Roast
                                          Valentine Eve Dinner & Entertain-
                                          ment with Jeb Beck. It's been some
                                          time since Jeb has been at the
                                          Post. So come down and welcome
                                          him back. If you've never heard,
                                          you better get here because you 
                                          won't be dissappointed.


Feb 16            8:00 AM       Post open for business.
                                         Friday Dinner-Italian Night

Feb 17            10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
                                         Membership Drive at Dillons at the 
                                         corner of Harry and Webb Rd. Stop
                                         by and meet the Commander and 
                                         other members. Find out what the 
                                         VFW does for Veterans and find out 
                                         if your eligible to join and help us in
                                         our efforts to support Veterans and
                                         our Community.

Feb 18             10:00 AM      Sunday Buffet

Feb 20             8:00 AM        Post open for business.  
                       5:30 PM        Meatloaf Dinner
                       6:00 PM        House Committee Meeting 
                       6:30 PM        Monthly Post Meeting. 
                                            Please Notice: Our Monthly Post
                                            Meetings will now begin at 6:30
                                            as voted on by membership. We
                                            hope this offers members a more
                                            convenient opportunity to attend
                                            Post meetings. Bring your ideas,
                                            comments and critiques and help 
                                            the Post grow.

Feb 23              8:00 AM        Post open for business.        
                        5:30 PM        Friday Dinner-Pizza & Salad

Feb 24             10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
                                           Post Membership Drive at Dillons 
                                           at Central & Rock Rd. Stop by, 
                                           meet our Commander & members 
                                           and find out if your eligible. See 
                                           what we do to support Veterans &
                                           our Community. 

Feb 25             10:00 AM      Sunday Buffet

Feb 27              8:00 AM       Post open for business.
                        5:30 PM       Tuesday meal-Taco Bar

We are renewing a fundraising effort that was started a number of years ago. The ceiling tiles of the Canteen are stenciled with the names of members and Ladies that gave to the Post in the past and wanted to have their names enshrined at the Post. For a minimum donation of $10.00 you can have your name among our previous donors. If you wish to participate, send your donation with your name as you want it to appear to:
    VFW Post 112
    1560 S. Topeka
    Wichita, Kansas 67211
These moneys will help us continue our support of veterans in the community, at our local VA Hospital or wherever a veteran is in need.
We Thank You for your support. 

 Some of the active members and past officers we have lost recently.
Jim Maske - Navy, Vietnam
Roger "Zack" Zackula - Korea
Dale O'Dell - Navy, World War II
Charlie DeHaven - Air Force, Vietnam
Jack Calvert - Navy, Vietnam
Orlin Wagner - Air Force, Korea
John Ward - Air Force, Korea
Bud Hentzen - Navy, Air Force, World War II
Terry Johnson - Air Force, Korea
Jack Bradley - Navy, World War II
Marvin Appling - Army, Korea
John Edgar - Navy, Vietnam
Mike Nunn - Navy, World War II
Jim Blenkinsop -Army Air Corps, World War II
Ron Brooks - Marine, Korea and Vietnam
Bob Berry - Army Air Corps, World War II
Bill Beckham - Air Force, Vietnam